Spontaneous shoots are probably my favorite of all. The ones where you make the plans that day and head out the door with no idea of what is really going to happen or what you might capture. I feel having that free, open mindset makes for more natural, unforced shots. The outfits don't feel over styled and your true personality let loose because you're just going along with the ride. 

Below are some of those shoots I mentioned above; the oldest dating back to 2 YEARS AGO! Although I wouldn't say I'm even close to professional, I'm no stranger to the camera. I've been playing with styling, modeling, and photography for most of my life and I'm just getting started. This just goes to show how much growth can happen in such a short span when you're passionate about something and stick to it. I'm excited to see where this creative endeavor takes me and I'm glad you're joining me for the twists and turns. I can't wait to keep creating for all you that believe in me.