One Woman's Trash: Golden Girl

I'm a sucker for all things vintage and I have a special place in my heart for thrifting, so growing a love for clothes swapping was bound to happen. If you scroll back a few posts, you'll find a piece I wrote accounting my first experience at a clothing trade party. It was a fun time and such a great concept that it lead me to create a style series focusing on using pieces I've acquired through second hand methods of accruing clothing. 

I figured I'd make the first outfit the most extravagant because who has time to save the best for last. Both the slinky slip dress and lavish fur coat were pieces I scored at the aforementioned party. Why anyone in their right mind would let go of such gems baffles me, but their loss is my gain. As the title of this series states, one woman's trash can become another's treasure. 

Dress & Coat: second hand

Sunglasses: SunglassLA

Photography: Mazelma Photography