Amanda Rodriguez

Kori America

Amanda Rodriguez
Kori America

Snuggled among what seems like an endless amount of warehouses in the Fashion District of LA is Kori America. This fashion brand is known for their simple, everyday styles that have a trendy twist. They're the type of clothes that are super comfortable but make you feel confident. Naturally, I was drawn to this brand just for that reason. Anything that's easy to wear while I rush around my busy days is a yes in my book; and the fact that their leisurely styles come in the funkiest colors and prints make everything even better.

I had the opportunity to visit their warehouse and was not disappointed upon arrival. Walking up to their wide open doors, I was greeted by racks on racks of their newest garments. There were so many exciting fall styles left and right that I could hardly keep my concentration on one thing. I wanted it ALL! I was given a short tour by Bobbi, who works in their warehouse offices. She had also been in charge of pulling a few Pre-Fall items for me to give a try. She did an amazing job at taking my personal style into consideration and finding the perfect pieces that I would feel amazing in. 

During the styling session, the most adorable huskie came to my side. Honestly, after that I was more ecstatic about the dog than the clothes. Poor little Kori was rocking the cone of shame but that didn't suppress her excitement for getting to interact with someone new. After some good bellies rubs, we got back to business and went straight to trying on my first of 3 ensembles. Wandering around the warehouse and the surrounding street was probably the most fun part of my experience. I'm a sucker for a stunning backdrop, so finding the right wall for each outfit was a must. 

I fell in love with literally everything I tried on. So comfy AND so cute! Each item was so different from the next and each so versatile as well. The best part about Pre-Fall styles is their transitioning abilities. Although I donned two dresses and a jumpsuit that would be perfect in this steamy weather, they could easily be worn when the temps start to drop. I'd slide on a distressed denim jacket and sandals with the Strappy Floral Dress. The Mix and Match Print Shirt Dress could be a throw back to the 90's with some ripped tights and Doc Martens. Last but definitely not least, I'd go for a "cool girl" look by adding a leather jacket and some eclectic heels to the Off Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit.

If you're a boutique, you need this brand in your stores. If you just love shopping, tell your local boutique to get this brand in their shops. You won't be disappointed! 

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